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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Cleaning Day and Rummage Prep

Do you ever just have one of those days where you look around and absolutely everything looks out of place?  Do you wonder how it happened and then realize that it didn't just happen.  You have been ignoring the situation when it might have started with I am just going to bed tonight and I will clean up that clutter tomorrow.  Only to find that tomorrow becomes days and then maybe weeks, in a rare case maybe years?

Well I am not at the years point but I have definately progressed to the weeks timeline.  I am fed up and instead of hollaring at someone I am trying to make a dent in it all.  So far I have the dining room about halfway done.  I even moved the table into the garage for the upcoming rummage.  Seriously it has been covered in stuff and we haven't eating at it anyway.  This should give me some rummage sorting area.

Hopefully if I can get it looking nice we can celebrate tonight with a movie.  How does your house manage cleaning?  Do you have a routine or do you clutter until you can't stand it?  I really need to break this habit but I feel kind of clueless about it all.  Leave me some input!!!


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