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Monday, October 12, 2009

Thank You!

I was so excited to see my visitors hit the 10,000 mark at the end of last week!  It is all because of you, my readers, that my blog is growing.  Yes I would likely still be here but having 520 followers/subscribers makes it so much more worth coming back to write every day.  I had orginally set the 10,000 visitors goal to be hit by 12/31/09 and after further watching my numbers in late summer I was aiming for my birthday 10/19/09.  Instead we hit it on 10/9/09 a week and a half early.  You are all great.  A few changes will be upcoming to celebrate :)

First, you as readers will have the opportunity to be a sponsor.  You can purchase a 125x125 button spot to promote your event, blog or product.  This is a month to month purchase so no need to sign a year button lease. You can see placement in the right hand sidebar.  If you would like a different size button slot please email me with your specific request.

Second, you will start to see more reviews and giveaways.  New products come out daily and I love to test them out and pass on the information and goods to you.  I have a few things in the works and will accept suitable offers as they come about.  Would you like your product or service reviewed?  You can email me with your pitch anytime!

Third, you are going to see me pass on my favorite blogs I come across a bit more often.  I was kind enough to be mentioned by other bloggers and you might have found me through one of them.  I really want to pay it forward to the other bloggers out there.  If you are interested in being featured or doing a guest post let me know via email.

Thanks again and I continue to look forward to informing and entertaining you!
~ Heather


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