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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Economic Woes

My husband and I sat and reworked the budget today.  Somedays it is just frustrating to watch the side effects of the state of this economy.  Months ago my husband lost his overtime and went to a 4 day work week.  For awhile it was okay but seriously we are out of savings and the frustration is settling in.  Our vehicles are paid for but they are far from great condition and we are praying hard that they last another year without a major break down.  We live a pretty simplistic life and I cut corners with coupons and by trading surplus items with friends.  We are blessed to not be hungry or homeless but I often think it wouldn't take much and that is where we would be. 

I am curious as readers how you have been affected by this economy and what changes you have made. 

I seriously would love to find a solution to cut my internet costs but we live in a rural part of Iowa where there are very few options.  At the moment I have DSL which means I must have local phone service but looking into Satelite Internet I have found I don't reduce my price much at all.  If anyone has a suggestion or referral link I would appreciate any ideas.


Pricilla said...

I can tell you that we dropped satellite internet as fast as we could. The service was bad and they limit how much time you can use it on the low end package. It was very frustrating.

Stuff Parents Need said...

I've found that there comes a point where cutting back more isn't very feasible, and the answer lies in finding ways to bring in more income. I have a side job teaching an online college course, and it really helps out.

Kaylen said...

I don't have advice, but I do have some sympathy...I purchased a house based off my income. Then I was moved into a new role, with no overtime and now my income has dropped a bit....just a bit too much to really be comfortable. It's so hard to get used to. It's so frustrating.
I'm goin through things to sell online, like my sons clothes he outgrew, things I can make, a bike noone's hard. I feel your pain. :(

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