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Thursday, November 5, 2009

In The Kitchen - Finished

Well I am finally done or almost.  Here is what I did today...
  1. 3 Cheesy Meatloaves
  2. 3 dozen porcupine meatballs
  3. 4 dozen oatmeal meatballs
  4. 5 loaves pumpkin zucchini bread
  5. 1 rhubarb crisp
  6. 1 large sausage egg bake
That really only leaves the chislic and onions but there is a bit of a story behind the chislic.  When I was originally taking meat out of the freezer I found what I thought was my venison roast with a hole in the bag.  Well I didn't really want it to go bad so I thought I had better deal with it.  Little to say it wasn't a roast but a lump of ground meat which I really didn't need to take out due to the other things I had planned.  So I just made some cheesy meatloaf in place of the chislic.  In the end it all worked out and in a couple days maybe I will get those onions chopped.  For now my feet are killing me and my egg bake is almost ready to come out of the oven to cool so I can cut and wrap individual pieces for my hubby on the run during the week.  Here are some pictures of all that yummy food.


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