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Friday, October 23, 2009

Near East Couscous

Recently my family received a variety package of Near East Couscous.  We love to try new things and this was right up our alley.  We had never had couscous until this package arrived.  You want to know what couscous is?  According to Webster couscous is a North African dish of steamed semolina.

 The first thing we tried was the Chicken Provencal Gourmet Meal Kit.  Jess says it tastes like chicken stuffing but that is what you get from a kid LOL.  My husband says this is his favorite of the three types of couscous we tried.  I enjoyed the chicken flavor but found it slightly salty for my taste.  It was filling and satisfying as a meal.  The texture of this couscous is grainy but softer and smaller than rice.

Next we tried the Pearled Couscous in both Roasted Garlic & Olive Oil and the Basil & Herb flavors.  I have to say I love the smell of this stuff cooking!  The entire kitchen was engulfed in the aroma of garlic and herbs.  It wasn't overpower just the type of smell that makes your mouth moist.  I love the Garlic & Olive Oil flavor.  It would do very well as the side for pork chops or chicken in my opinion.  This couscous is slightly different as it is pearled.  Think the texture of tapioca pearls only slightly firmer and not in a pudding. I much prefer this texture of couscous.  Jess tells me his favorite was the Basil & Herb flavor.  He ate it fast so I bet he will eat it any time I put it in front of him.

You can print a coupon and try Near East for yourself.  On the website you will also find great things like recipes and how to set a table for a special meal.  Check it out and enjoy a new food while you are at it.

Thank you to Dig Communications and Near East for supplying me with a couscous package to try and review.


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