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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Funny Site

I was reading blogs last night when I should have been reading a review book.  Low and behold I stumbled on a hilarious site.  Now keep in mind some of you may not think this is funny but more of a time waster.  The site is called People Of Walmart
My husband used to be a manager at Walmart a few years ago.  I had to test this site out on him as well.  We have our computers in adjoining rooms and the laughter was so bad between the two of us that we woke up one of the kids. Of course some of this reminded us of dumb Walmart stories from the old days but this was much less stressful.  If you get a chance check it out but some of it is just not for the kids so be warned.  You just might want to think twice about what you look like when you shop at Walmart from now on.


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