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Monday, September 28, 2009

Fridge Crisis Resolved

We had a bit of a fridge crisis start on Thursday last week.  We didn't really fully understand it was a crisis until Friday however.  The freezer was cold but frosting (with a self defrosting freezer this didn't make sense) and the fridge was warm.  Thanks to a friend through scouts we found out the air exchange was frozen shut and the drain was plugged likely by something small like a pea. 

We emptied things out and got out that multi-use hairdryer.  First we melted the ice for the air exchange and then we worked a bit on the drain.  John gave us the advice of using an air tank to clear the drain but since we didn't have one we blew it out with the shop vac on reverse.  Who knew a chocolate chip could cause such an issue.  We ran a bit of water through the drain with a glass measuring cup just to make sure the drain was clear and success!

Being the items in the fridge were warm so long we decided to dump everything.  Lucky for us we are a couponing family and I have a rather large stockpile in my pantry.  The fridge was easily restocked and we are back in business.  I also have a nice clean fridge free of any leftovers and scraps so this weeks menu will be a fresh start.


MomUnion said...

Isn't it amazing how something the size of a pea can throw such a big wrench in the works. Good to hear you got it fixed! Heather G. (The Mom Union)

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