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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Thinking Myself Thin Thursdays

Okay so this week I am down 1/2 pound.  I am not thrilled in fact I freaked a bit when I weighed in.  Why?  Well I actually recorded my calories every day this past week (even 10 calorie items) and exercised like a mad woman ick.  After listening to a few encouraging words from my group they somewhat convinced me my body is in some shock that I am eating and moving.

I really have horrible eating habits.  I get busy and totally forget to eat and then I remember and eat too much but I still don't hit a good calorie goal.  I imagine my body thinks it is starving but that is only because my brain doesn't have eyes.  I have to do something to change and recording calories at least until I realize what I should eat from habit and exercising until my legs become jello are going to become mandatory. 

I really want to lose 9 more pounds in the next seven weeks.  Now I know that isn't a huge number and hopefully it is attainable.  If I make it that would be 10 pounds in 10 weeks and I would bring in $20 from a challenge in my group.  That would pay back my dues for the year plus a little.  I know somehow I can do this but it will require commitment.  So drop me a comment, harass me or whatever suits you but don't hesitate to hold me accountable.

Coming Sunday I will also start to post with The Bloggest Loser.  I am excited I was approved as a participant!  If you would like to check them out just click on the button below.  Have a great day ~ Heather



MomUnion said...

I think myself thin every Thursday. Then, I catch my glance in a mirror *sigh.* Keep up the great work, you'll get there!
Heather G.

Hyla said...

Whoo Hooo! You are gong to do great!

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