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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

How-To Tuesday (Fruit Leather)

About a year ago I was blessed with a free food dehydrator. It was honestly a huge mess when I got the donated appliance. It's previous owner had made an attempt at making jerky. In the process he over poured the marinade allowing it to run everywhere including into the fan and heating element. With a little patience I took the dehydrator apart and wound up with a free working dehydrator. I don't use it too often but I enjoy it when I do.

Over the weekend I made apricot fruit leather. This is a much healthier version of the commercial fruit rollups and very easy to make. You will need...
  1. A dehydrator
  2. 2 fruit leather/jerky insert sheets for the dehydrator
  3. A blender
  4. 4 cups of fruit of choice
  5. 2 cups of applesauce

First put the four cups of fruit of choice into the blender. You may need to add a bit of juice or water to start the blending process. Puree until smooth like babyfood. Add the applesauce and blend until well mixed. Pour onto the fruit leather sheets already placed on the dehydrator trays. Stack trays and turn on the dehydrator. Dry until leather is slighty tacky but not sticky to the touch. I leave mine go overnight most of the time. Humidity will affect your drying time. When the leather is done peel it from the sheets and slice with a pizza cutter. Roll and place in snack size bags for easy grab and go snacks.


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