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Monday, July 13, 2009

Baking & Freezing Day Updated

I accomplished a lot this past weekend with my baking & freezing. I made everything listed HERE except the bread which I hope to get done sometime this week. Here are a few pictures of what I accomplished.
30 cups of cut rhubarb

I will use this for rhubarb cake, jam, rhubarb sauce and possibly some wine. Rhubarb tends to be more moist after freezing so if you have a recipe that needs the rhubarb to be dry avoid freezing it.
4 cups of diced onions

I love having my onions diced and ready to toss into omelets or casseroles. This also lessens the frequent "crying" that I have when cutting onions.
4 dozen Raisin Bran Honey Muffins

These are a really good heavy muffin. If I need a quick grab and go snack for the car or donation to church coffee I can just take a bag out of the freezer.
10 pounds taco meat

I use my seasoned taco meat in tacos, chimichangas, burritos, stuffed potatoes and a few casseroles. This makes for an easy meal when my fibromyalgia has me out of service. I even keep a couple of taco kits in the house which the kids can assemble easily.
5 pounds enchilada meat
I use my enchilada meat (browned ground chuck & onions) in enchildas (of course) and in a few casseroles. I don't add my enchilada sauce until I assemble the dish.
8 pounds sloppy joe meat
I most often just make sloppy joe sandwiches but on occassion I do make a sloppy joe pie with this meat.
2 trays of apricot fruit leather
This is a snack along with the pan of rice krispy bars that just didn't answer to the camera before the kids. We also wound up eating the breakfast burritos which I will need to replenish later this month.


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