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Saturday, July 18, 2009

I Am Blessed!

Okay, I know this doesn't exactly make for a pleasant blog post but I have to say I feel blessed right now. I am sick and so is the one kiddo that is home. When I get sick my sensitivity to smell gets so overbearing. While I can run to the necessary place when needed my 11 year old can't seem to figure that out.
Well almost out of the bedroom and down the hall (not quite to the bathroom) he lost it EWWWW!!!!!!!!!! Now, I can crab with the best of them about my husband but bless his heart he told me stay in bed "I have it". I got up to escape the smell anyway but he is cleaning the floors. He even took the time to consult me on what cleaners to use for each kind of flooring. Moments like this I wonder why I ever complain. Sometimes God just has to show you something good in a bad situation. Don't you love His humor?


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