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Friday, July 31, 2009

Your Giveaway Comments!

I have to say I am getting some great ideas from the comments you are all leaving about How-to Tuesdays.
You will definately be seeing some canning posts upcoming since I breathe canning at harvest time!
I am excessively amused with the idea of trying to tighten my abs (there is a reason you don't see me) believe me I am laughing!
However, what you won't see other than maybe pictures would be how to make English Muffins. It is one of those family secrets and mom has PERFECTED (yes I know I am yelling!) her own recipe over the years. Once long ago she gave it out and it appeared in a cookbook Yikes! Since then the recipe has been changed and made even better. When mom has a fundraiser she takes orders and they sell for around $3 for 6 muffins. Just to give you an idea of how crazy it gets last time we did orders we had over 600 muffins on the table before we started bagging them. Sorry I wish I could share or send you a sample to taste but the virtual world is just that. Maybe I will take pictures though to make you drool :)
Anyway, keep the comments coming as I am really enjoying your input!


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