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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

One Of Those Days

I was busy trying to clean the livingroom this afternoon since we had an emergency to tend to last night and I didn't get to it when I noticed my washer was running a second cycle. I thought it to be a bit strange and went to check it out.

The washer wasn't draining but it just kept running because I guess it really wanted to drain. I turned off the power and opened the washer to investigate. Low and behold one of my lovely blue bath rugs decided it wanted to die. It is completely shredded and I had rubber backing everywhere within the washer. A mess but still not an explanation to me why my washer wasn't draining.

Off to my trusty computer I headed to start surfing for washer troubleshooting. I once again found what I was looking for online. I got a bit suspicious the pump was clogged (I am a genious LOL).

Back to the washer...and off comes the front plate of the washer. Well everything here looks normal other than my washer is old. I located the pump and now here comes the fun part. I removed the hose. Yep I told you I was smart it is clogged full of rubberized rug backing. This stuff is nasty and looks like curdled milk. The only way to deal with it is to get my fingers dirty. Poking around I start to get the curdled mess out of the pump. Are you totally grossed out yet? Poof water starts to drain slowly but surely. I put the hose back on and turned on the power.

I thought I would see if I unclogged this old beast enough and for a minute I thought so but I guess I just dislodged the mess and then reclogged it. Back off goes the power and in goes the fingers again. Ick! Well I got it cleaned out this time and I put it back together again. It ran fine temporarily.

Okay I was getting frustrated at this point and I pulled it back apart again but the pump was fine. Looking into it a bit further I see one final curdled clump in the drain hose so I took the shop vac and sucked it right out. I had already emptied four tanks full of water at this point. I started a load of sheets now just to see if everything was going to be okay it was looking positive. Poof it is working.

My hubby, not Mr. Fixit by any means, walks in from his long day at work looking at me with confusion once again. He is wondering what is she doing this time I am sure! I assure him I just saved him a big bill, big but I don't know how big. I walk into the dining room and see the dog just threw up and I want to run but instead I pass the clean up job on.

Now I am sitting here venting and trying to rehash why my livingroom still looks like a mess. Hey I guess you just got some entertainment out of this. LOL life goes on and hopefully tomorrow looks better.


Anonymous said...

I don't think I'll ever wash one of those rugs in my washer again after reading that! Glad you got yours fixed, what a pita :)

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