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Monday, July 27, 2009

Do You Ever Just Fall Behind?

I am sitting in my favorite recliner with my feet up and my lapdesk across the armrests looking around and feeling overwhelmed. I really need to pull open Word and make a to-do list. I am a horrible procrastinator mostly because I am a perfectionist and if I can't do it perfect NOW I will put it off until I can. Well lately that has left me in a position of overflow (and not for the first time LOL).
My husband asked me during his normal lunch call today if we had plans for tonight. Man, I bet he regrets that question!!!!! I told him it is time to clean. No running away tonight just stay home, sweep out half of the garage, move the extra entertainment stand to the garage and clean. Yes I even have two entertainment stands in my livingroom. We got a hand-me-down entertainment center and then decided it was too big for the room. So to the garage it goes for the rummage sale.
My plan is to get the garage swept so I can start working on setting up my rummage sale which I hope to have on August 7-8. That in itself will help clean up my clutter! While I have Andrew out there in the garage I am going to move all of the furniture out of the livingroom and sweep and mop the floor. Then I can return everything to the room and put things away. Poof one room down.
The sad thing is as easy as that sounds it won't be. I have clutter on every surface to clear this afternoon before I can even move things out.
Do me a favor and leave me a comment about your favorite organizing website because I could use the help!


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