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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thinking Myself Thin Thursdays

I really don't know what week I am on I just know I need to start over!  My weight is creeping on again.  I quit taking my thyroid meds because I couldn't stand the nausea anymore.  Something about wanting to throw up daily just doesn't work well with me. 

On the other hand I got my Christmas present in the mail yesterday... The Biggest Loser Wii game!  Woo hoo I was so excited. I only know what I got because I helped buy it with my Swagbucks (which you should totally sign up for) while it was on a sale at Amazon.  I know it isn't the same as opening something on Christmas but who gets to yell at Jillian when you can't do a push up good enough and she is yelling at you before Christmas?  Ha Jillian I am gonna keep telling you to shut up but I will be back anyway.  So there ya have it I will be exercising and yelling at Jillian Michaels but you have to love how she tries to motivate you even if it is a Wii game.

On to eating.  I am not doing so hot on this avenue.  I did make a relish tray last night that I put in my tupperware divided tray so I can take it out when I feel snacky.  My goal is to maintain through the holidays and go crazy losing somehow come the New Year after I return from Chicago.


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