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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thinking Myself Thin Thursdays #9

I did not make it to my weigh in lasst night.  I am sure that I am up a little due to eating at the conference all weekend.  So since I don't have a report for you I have questions this week.  Leave me a comment and give me some fresh ideas.
  1. What food program do you follow?
  2. What exercise routine do you have in place?
  3. Do you have any great weight loss tips?
Thanks for your help.


blueviolet said...

Oh please....share yours. I'm the one who needs the help!

Sincerely, Jenni said...

Shoot! I commented on this post, and it never went through!

I am doing Weight Watchers, the program with whom I have love/hate relationship with. I love that it works, but hate to count my points!

As far as exercise, I am getting ready to start the 30-day shred on December 1st. It will be tough to get through the month of December exercising everyday, but waiting until January 1st will just make me put it off longer.

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