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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Politics & Religion

I do vote and I typically am not highly outspoken about my views but I am first and formost a Christian.  I have no issues with leading someone to my faith but you cannot push someone there it needs to be a personal decision.  However, I must say I am alarmed by our president.  I see our country losing it's history and changing into something new.  It is not a change I personally embrace.  I challenge you to watch the video and be informed of the changes that are happening.  Make note of all the broadcast logos while you are at it.


Storm, The Psychotic Housewife said...

I don't generally comment on anything political, but I have to say I shook my head at him saying Islam has always been a part of US history. Somebody needs to go back to school, because it certainly wasn't in the beginning - the Pilgrims weren't Islamic!

I sure hope his daughters are getting a better education! ;) If they'd just pour all that money into the schools instead...

Jennifer Leigh said...

I couldn't watch more then a minute of the video. Someday something bad is going to happen and all the signs were there. People just are so caught up in the "popularity" of it that they miss the real issues.

*I did NOT vote for Obama.

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