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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Small Change Friday #1

I have a tendancy to give, give and give some more and do little or nothing for myself.  Now I realize a lot of moms are this way but time and time again I get told to do something for myself so today I am starting a weekly small change.  It might be a permanent, temporary or just for one day change but I am going to do something small for myself.  My hope is that a few small changes will show some bucks in the long run.  I hope you find this encouraging and spread the word and join my small change Friday.
This week my small change is I plan to do the dishes completely.  Now to understand why this is a change for me you must realize I HATE doing dishes.  While I have tried to delegate this task it seems hopeless as no one in my home remotely enjoys the dishes.  So today I intend to finish them all and wake up this weekend to all my dishes clean.  Pray I succeed and don't back out on myself.
Now what is your small change?  Leave me a linky so I can visit you too!


Nancy M. said...

Hey, I am visiting from the links at Mama Bzz. Great idea to make a small change! I hate the dishes too, I like them a little better now that I finally have a dishwasher.

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