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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

One Man's Trash....

Is another man's treasure! Our small town is in the process of city-wide clean-up. Every year we have a few things to toss out and then we take the kids out treasure hunting. We always toss more than we bring in but this year we hit the jackpot. We acquired a dining table with two leaves and two end tables. They all needed a bit of cleaning but nothing my bottle of Murphy's Oil Soap couldn't handle. I am in utter shock that the dining table was in the trash but hey I am really happy someone didn't want it too.
Dining table before shows some surface mildew. It also has two leaves not pictured here.
Here is the table cleaned up with the leaves in it. Doesn't it shine beautifully? There are a couple minor scratches but they aren't very noticable.Here are the end tables before. They also have some surface mildew although it is a little harder to see.

Here are the end tables cleaned up. You can really see the difference by looking at the legs.And I just have to add in a picture of Andrew busy helping me clean the tables. Isn't that just sweet of him! Thanks honey :)All of the tables are sturdy and ready to use now. The older two boys have already claimed the end tables for their bedrooms. It takes so little to make them happy some days. Keep in mind in some cities picking up curbside trash is illegal. Check with your city before claiming your treasure. Happy hunting!


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