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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Fridge Is Leaking

Today I became fed up with my leaking fridge and decided to find the solution. I have this on and off drip coming from the freezer into the fridge. The bottom of my egg cartons were wet today and that was the end of my patience. Off and hunting the internet I went. I found several websites talking about the drain in the freezer that runs to the drip tray under the fridge being frozen. I unsecured the tray at the bottom of the freezer and sure enough I had a sheet of 1/4" thick ice covering the entire bottom of the freezer. The drain is a tube which is frozen solid with ice as well. I removed the sheet of ice but in order to thaw the tube the fridge needs to be turned off over night. Tomorrow I will update you on the progress of thawing the drain.


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