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Friday, December 18, 2009

Total Relief

Do you ever just do something totally stupid like ignore updating your Social Security card?  Well yeah I a can be completely stupid and do things like that.  I guess I didn't think it was a huge issue and it wasn't until some terrorists decided to wreck havoc on our country.  I got divorced, got married, got divorced and got married again.  In that time I didn't change my name at all on my Social Security card.  I did however update everything else in my life.  Well last month I went to get my drivers license renewed and I could no longer renew it (thank you terrorists) because my Social Security card and drivers license didn't match.  It literally took me a month to get all the necessary paperwork from states I previously resided in being they had to be certified copies I also had to pay for them all. 

Just a tip don't ever think that it is okay to burn the old marriage license of that idiot that thought it was fun to beat you up because you just might need it someday.  You can crumble it in a ball and put it in the fire safe but for pete's sake don't get rid of it.

Anyway, after gathering all that information I took it all into good old Social Security and waited a zillion years to meet with a really pleasant woman who helped me get my name changed.  Twenty-four hours later I could renew my driver's license with 1 day to spare before the expiration grace period.  Whew now onto the passport!


Christi said...

oh wow! I was just thinking tonight that I need to find out how to get everything changed, and look into what we need to do to get a marriage certificate and how far in advance can we do it if he's going to be out of state. hmmm....

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