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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Stretching The One Income Dollar

We are coming close to the time of year where people start making resolutions and with the economy being the way it is I am sure that several of you will be making some financial resolutions this next year.  With that in mind you should really check out the book Stretching the One Income Dollar.  It is full of tips on how to save and stretch your hard earned dollars to make it possible to live on one income. There are several testimonies from people living on one income from all social classes.  I really like how the book is layed out similar to an index.  If you are looking for food tips you just look through the F chapter.  Also, this book was written by a Canadian mom and several tips are aimed at those of you who live in Canada but can be similarly applied world wide.

Make sure to stop by Stretching the One Income Dollar and get your copy today!  The printed book runs $14.95 and the ebook is only $5.00 what a great deal!

A copy of the E-book was provided by One Income Dollar for review purposes.


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