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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Storm Is Coming

One thing about living in Iowa is you definately tend to get a few winter storms.  Right now we are heading into a winter weather advisory and expecting up to 22 inches of snow by tomorrow morning.  I am thinking a big bowl of chili sounds delightful to the senses tonight and maybe we will finally make our almond bark covered pretzels. 

I have seriously been avoiding making Christmas goodies as I really don't want the weight gain.  A smart woman in my weight loss group told me to just try to maintain through the holidays and shift my focus from losing awhile.  Come the first of the year I can refocus on losing but for now just try to stay put.

Anyway with only Kyle left home and the snow coming I thought we might make a small batch just incase we don't get out of here for Christmas Eve like we normally do.  Maybe by Saturday things will look different when we are supposed to be with my dad.

I bet that hot chocolate mix I made a few weeks back will come in handy as well!


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