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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Few Crazy Days

I can surely tell the Christmas season is fast approaching!  I have not had much time to even sit still.  I spent Saturday with my mom making homemade english muffins.  I know we wound up with around 500 muffins made and sore feet!  After all that cooking the evening was spent at my husbands company Christmas party.  The nice meal of roast and turkey with lots of wonderful sides and dessert free of clean up was wonderful. 

On Sunday I travelled to deliver a Yorkie which is going to be a Christmas present to some lucky little kids. While I was out running around the country I picked my own kids up from their dad to bring home for just a few days before they leave again.  I think we wound up with time for supper and sleep.

Yesterday, I took my dad to the city to Christmas shop.  He has MS and can't drive but I love spending time with him and I don't mind driving although I know he would rather be behind the wheel.  I feel blessed to be able to have the opportunity to return some of the care he gave me while I was growing up.

So here I am back and ready to write, finalize some contests in the next few days and hopefully be able to travel again if the weather holds out (I am praying BIG TIME).


Anonymous said...

I can't believe there are only a couple of days left. This year flew by.

Anonymous said...

Be safe and Merry Christmas!!!

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