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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Delayed Holidays

Christmas day is going to be a quiet time this year.  While my hubby made it to work today we will not be leaving tonight as we normally do.  We could likely get where we needed to go but it is highly unlikely that everyone could make it home.  The decision has been made to postpone things until the weekend.  I am not debating what I can do to make Christmas a little special here at home since we already have the presents open since we were planning on being gone.  Here is what I can think of so far and there are only three of us here anyway.
  1. Our special hot apple cidar recipe in a carafe for easy warm drinking.
  2. Kyle and I might make Jesus some birthday cupcakes and decorate them.
  3. I made a turkey the other day and we have leftovers so I will likely make Andrew his favorite chicken and dumplings only with turkey.
  4. We may try to find another Christmas movie to watch although I am not sure we have many left unwatched around here it may require renting one or two.
  5. I now have more time for my new Your Shape Wii game (look for my House Party post around 1/9)
  6. And of course I might stop by and blog something or other!
I hope you holiday plans are working out fine!


Anonymous said...

Happy Holidays to you!

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