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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Free Light Bulbs

Thanks to Debbie at Frugal Living and Having Fun for the tip on this one! 

You can fill out a short survey and get 2 free Flourecent Light Bulbs.   What a great way to start saving energy for free!


Debbie Sutherland said...

Hi! Nice meeting you. You are very welcome, and are always welcome to do that. stop by often...! "smile" Are you a reader of my blog? I'm going to add you to my blogs I read.. Deb

Debbie Sutherland said...

By the way, I was just looking over your blog! I love the name...very nice. I was wondering if you would like to exchange buttons. I could put your button on my blog roll and you could take my button and put it with your buttons on the left? I have about 650 visits a day, so It will get you some hits. Let me know, if you say yes, I will get your button right away. Thanks, Deb @ Frugal Living And Having Fun!!

Debbie Sutherland said...

Grabbing yours!! Thank you very much!! Drop in some time and I'll drop by to see you!!

Deb @ Frugal Living And Having Fun!!

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