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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

How-To Tuesday (Sinus & Cold Season)

My husband had a huge sinus issue late last week and he was so gracious that he passed it onto me. So here it is Monday morning and I want to go back to bed because my head is throbbing. If you haven't had a sinus issue or a cold yet yourself the season is fast approaching. You might want to get your medicine cabinet in line. Here is how I organize my medicine cabinet.

  1. Remove everything from your medicine cabinet
  2. Wipe down each shelf so it is clean
  3. Check all expiration dates and toss anything expired
  4. Designate an area for each family member by labeling a portion of the shelf, make sure to have a family area as well. You may want to categorize the family area (headache, cold, laxatives, ect)
  5. Put each family members prescriptions in their area (some will need larger areas than others) and then the family items in the appropriate area.
  6. As you put items away you may want to inventory them so you can restock what was expired or things you ran out of.
That is it. Now wasn't that easy? You should be well prepared if a cold does strike now. Do you have a How-To you would like to share? I would love to read yours too just add a linky down below!


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