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Friday, September 4, 2009

How To Sell Homeschool Supplies ~ Guest Post

I am really excited to introduce you to my friend Lisa.  She has been selling homeschool supplies for year and has such a giving heart.  Because of her willingness to help others you have the opportunity to learn from her for free.  So if you are looking for an income idea or know someone who is please sign up for her yahoo group and ask question and learn from the posts. ~ Heather

Hi Everyone.

Lisa Luneau here. I just want to invite you entrepreneurial women to a fantastic Yahoo group that targets: learning how to sell books on line. I started this group as many women were contacting me with questions about how I was selling my home school books. I decided there was a demand and need that could be met.

The goal of this groups is to bless others with the knowledge that I and other women have learned along the way. The Lord said, "What I have done for you, you go and do for other." Many of us have been so blessed that we wanted to pass the blessing on. So if you are a books seller of sorts that would love to share your wealth of information with others, or you have books laying around that you would like to turn in to cash flow, please, we invite you to come and join us! The URL for this group is:

Heather and I are moderating this group together. It is our desire that this endeavor would be an investment in the on line community and an abundant blessing to all the wonderful women out there that can benefit from a book selling group.

Here is what you can expect on this group:

How To's:
Selling books on Ebay
Selling books on
Selling books on Yahoogroups
Keys to Blogging
A forum for asking questions and getting answers
Files with keys of "How To's" from the posts compiled into an easy to understand steps

See you on line. Blessings,
Lisa Luneau


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