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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Rummage Training

I have been blessed to find a really good friend through one of my coupon groups. She has taken the time to teach me many tricks and take me shopping on several occassions. Today I spent the day at her stockpile rummage. Her garage turns into a small store will shelves full of her great deals. It was kind of fun to walk around and try to remember which product went with which coupon at which store. Several of the deals were easy to remember and others I had to really think about and still not remember them.

My friend has her garage display set up in a large U shape so customers can grab a basket (purchased at the dollar store), enter on the right side of the garage, walk around the U shop and check out at the cash register on the left side. She also has signs on the shelves to provide prices for items she has multiples of. On the wall behind the cash register is a large chart of all the prices for those who think they can try to change or fudge the pricing. Another great thing is the sign up sheet for email or phone notices before the sale next year. My friend has her sale the same weekend every year and the crowds come out routinely. At the end of the day she was over $5000 in sales and still has a day to go.

Maybe this is the motivation you need to coupon and create your own sale. Good luck!


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