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Friday, August 14, 2009


I think my head is about to fall off! I am "worked up" according to my husband. Tomorrow I am supposed to have my new (for over a year now) floor installed. The kitchen isn't as ready as it should be and I am cleaning like a mad woman and a bit (okay more than a bit) irritable. The kids are driving me nuts too this just isn't productive. I am literally trying to convince them to go to the swimming on my dollar just for some peace. I am not feeling like Super Mom right now to say the least.
I think it all just comes down to the fact I am an extreme planner. If I could I would map out almost every hour of the day. On the other hand my husband is a great artistic dreamer. He has little use for schedules. I suppose I need to relax and go with the flow but I HATE a project without a plan. Do any of you deal with this conflict in your home and if so just what do you do about it? I hate to lose my temper but the comments about me being overreactive get under my skin.
I suppose my load of dishes in the drainer is about dry and I should go work on a few more and get the counters scrubbed. The joy of being mom (wife, maid, cook, nurse, taxi driver and more) also comes with it's frustrations. Pray things fall in place and my flooring that has been in my garage for over a year finds it's place on the floor tomorrow where it belongs. Carpet really wasn't meant to be put into kitchens and there is no way to even clean it anymore. Even the Kirby salesman would run!


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