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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Kitchen Floor Progress

The nightmare of my kitchen floor is starting to dwindle. Today the flooring was laid although it isn't quite finished. We need to put the baseboards back in and repaint the wall or purchase new wider baseboards. Why? Well when you take out 6 layers of linoleum for some reason your floor lowers LOL. The baseboards would be much easier than painting but I think the painting may be the better choice since we also took out the radiator in the kitchen that wasn't working. We will have to replace it but we hope to move a new radiator to a different wall where there was previously a taller radiator. This will free up a wall so that we can put in more cabinets later. Tada you now know my kitchen will never really be finished. The kitchen is the room in the house where I really would spend most of my time if it functioned to it's fullest potential so I constantly have new ideas to make it flow better. For now I am happy I have a floor that has the ability to be cleaned. Yahoooo for me!!! Onto other projects as an old house never ends needing something new. Hopefully I will have pictures of a final project for you this week.


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