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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

How-To Tuesday (Teaching Your Child Organization)

Do your kids have an issue with being organized? Do you? Well being organized, in my opinion, is difficult! All of my kids have ADD/ADHD and you can imagine that attention spans are something I dream of. I have a new system which I put in place recently. With just a few tools which I purchased at Wal-mart for under $5 per kid, you can get your system up and running. Here is what you will need.

A Tote with File Hanger

A Clipboard

Varying Number of File Folders
Other possible items may include a pencil pouch and pens/pencils which you can get free or close to it right now with the ongoing school supply sales.

I use the tote for a couple of purposes. First, it contains all of the organizing kit. Second, it gives me a place to put small items of each child that I stumble upon around the house during the day. I request the items I put in the tote be put away after supper. This is also a good spot for library books.
The clipboard holds a behavior and chore chart. It also might hold an occassional sticky note from mom or dad with a Good Job message. You can find age appropriate behavior and chore charts HERE for free. I like this site because not only will you find the charts but other great resources for those "stuck" parenting moments.
The file folders can be personalized but I would definately put in a school folder. This gives you a central location for communication about homework or anything else needed for school. Other suggestions might be scouts, sports, church or anywhere else the kids go often.
The good thing about these totes is they come in different bright colors (blue, green, orange, purple and pink were available at Wal-mart) and they are stackable. They really don't take up much room when stacked. You could put them in a hidden corner of the house as long as you make an effort to pull them out daily. Good luck and I hope this works for you!


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