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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

How-To Tuesday (Organizing for School)

Tomorrow is our first day of school for the year. What better to talk about today than getting ready for the first day of school. I only have two tools to use this week
  1. kids organizing kit (HERE is the previous post about this)
  2. school supply list

Take the clipboard out of the kids kit and attach the school supply list. Grab the bags of supplies you have purchased and check each item off as you put it in the tote. Now it is time to pack the bookbag. Keep that list out because now is the time to recheck the list as you put items into the bag. Even Santa checks his list twice!

A couple other things you might want to organize before that first day of school. Think about making a lunch schedule if you pack lunches and making each menu the evening before. Gather a few things into an old shoe box near your door the evening before school starts.

  1. camera
  2. notepad & pen
  3. list of things your child needs because we know it is unlikely everything fit in the backpack

Hopefully this will help you not panic about forgetting something and make that first day of school enjoyable!


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