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Monday, August 24, 2009

Flooring Update

Okay this flooring has become a nightmare! It now has two holes in it. One is from moving the fridge in and two is from dropping the broom. I kid you not I would never buy this flooring again. However, being as tight with my money as I am I intend to use what is undamaged in my bathroom when I get around to it. So today the floor is coming out. My poor husband will not know what to do when he comes home and sees the floor he put in is gone but I just do strange stuff and he does his best to deal with it. I know I have some floor primer left from the laundry room and I intend to prime the floor and go buy some self stick tiles to put down. I am happy with the ones in my laundry room and this will make for a decent 3-5 year floor in my kitchen. It isn't long term but for the price I should be able to cook again soon!

I guess I am not out completely but I am very frustrated over this entire situation. Maybe in another week I can use my stove again? For now I get to redo my Monday Menu to crockpot and microwave friendly again.


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