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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Fajita Supper

We are staying faithful to our attempt to clean up our overstocked pantry. Tonight we had Steak Fajitas and Spanish Rice. I just wanted to share how stocking a pantry can make for a really inexpensive meal. Old El Paso Fajita Kit (tortillas, seasoning, taco sauce) $1.22 on clearance
thin cut steak (used target coupons) $1.02
1 green pepper $.99 (this is a bit high but was at our small town grocery store)
1/2 bunch green onions (leftover from another meal) $.50
1 tub sour cream (with lots extra) $.99
1 cup of white rice (free from friend but for this sake we will give an estimate) $.25

Total $4.97 and we have enough left for 2 fajitas and a side of rice for Andrew's lunch tomorrow.
I know a lot of people would complain about having boxed food and I don't typically care for it myself but this isn't really different than buying tortillas, seasoning and sauce and compiling a meal.
This would have been approximately $8.50 without any sales and coupons. A difference of $3.53 doesn't seem like much but multiply that times 30 and you have saved $105.90 in one month. This isn't an extraordinary savings but who couldn't use an extra $105.90 a month just because you shopped a few sales.


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