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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Announcing Our Newest Weekly Feature!

We are excited, really excited to announce our newest weekly feature series. Ethan my 12 year old has wanted to become a chef for a couple of years now. He enjoys trying new recipes and really wants to go see Rachel Ray someday. In the meantime he would like to see what your kids are cooking. Each week starting in a couple of weeks we will feature one of our readers children. We are currently looking for our first Junior Chef. Requirements are as follows...
  1. Child must be submitted by parent or legal guardian or must have a letter of release from parent or legal guardian attached to submission.
  2. Must include a recipe and release if legally needed to post.
  3. Pictures of child preparing recipe and final product pictures must be included.
  4. Child must be under the age of 16.
  5. Please include name, location (state only is fine, more is okay also), age and why you chose this recipe.
  6. Send submission to
That is it pretty easy! We can't wait to hear from you and see what you are cooking.


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