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Friday, June 5, 2009

Thrift Stores & More

I love a good bargin and I really don't like paying full price for much of anything. For the past couple of days I was staying with my dad outside of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The boys were working on the farm and burning off some extra energy and I went shopping.

On Wednesday I went to Walgreens and did the Ecotrin deal 21 times. {Buy Ecotrin for $2 use $2 coupon = $0.12 (tax) and receive a $2 RR (register reward)} I now have $42 in RRs to spend at Walgreens by 6/17/09. Pretty cool I spent $2.52 for tax and have $42 to spend in return and 21 bottles of Ecotrin. I also got 6 free mens' Degree Deodorants at Target. I used a $1.50 Target coupon from and a $1.00 manufacturers coupon from the 5/17 Sunday supplements. Also at Target I got a couple more Del Monte Fruit Chillers $2.04-$1.00=$1.04 check my coupon widget for this coupon.

On Thursday I went to thrift stores in hunt for shorts for Ethan. He is in an odd size between a mens small and boys XL. I am having a hard time finding shorts for him at a reasonable price. I had a couple of hours to spare so I went for a drive. My first stop was the Salvation Army. The sales I got there were shorts were $0.50 a pair (1 found for Ethan) and hard cover books were on sale for $0.25. I got 4 wonderful hard cover books that look like they haven't even been read. I also found a pair of Cabela's Jeans for my oldest son for $2.29. He was really thrilled with them and they look new! Next stop was St. Vincent De Paul. I was in utter shock when I walked in there and saw the daily sale clothes were 5/$1.00 and many other items were 75% off. I found Ethan another 3 pair of shorts $0.20 each, a pair of roller blade $3.50 and a small orange Le Creuset pan for $1.50. Ethan is determined to be a chef and he says this is his new egg pan. I also called a friend of mine who cares for her grandchildren and got her a large garbage bag of clothes for the kids for $12.00 plus tax. That was 60 clothing items (some two piece outfits). There were a lot of name brands in there too. Here are a few... Ralph Lauren, Gap, Old Navy, Carters, Tommy Hilfiger and more I just can't remember. This is why I so love thrift stores. I can buy a bunch and not feel broke when I walk out of the store.

To locate one of the stores I visited here are the links...


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