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Monday, June 29, 2009

Target Deals 6/28

Yesterday I made a mad dash stop at Target for a couple of purchases. This was strictly a stockpile and rummage run. Thanks to some traded coupons I could get multiples of these deals. We spent a total of $11.34 after tax. Here is what we came home with...

  • 22 boxes of Eggo Bakeshop Muffin tops (chocolate chip & blueberry)

  • 10 Degree Deoderant

  • 2 bottles of Starbucks (not pictured we drank them right away!)

Thanks to Crystal we printed multiple Eggo coupons HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.

We saved just over $60 with coupons!!!!!!!!


Jennfier said...

Thanks for posting, I just noticed that Pampers diapers were $2 less for a jumbo pkg at Sioux City Target than anywhere else lately while I was there on Saturday trip eggos Thanks.

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