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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Get The Most Out of Travel

My husband is headed to Chicago in a couple of weeks to visit his mom. Airfare isn't cheap but if you do things right you can get some perks out of booking a flight, hotel and/or car. Here is my reservation checklist...
  1. Hunt for online deals and coupon codes.
  2. Use online rewards program such as mypoints or ebates whichever gives you the better deal.
  3. Use frequently flier or hotel rewards accounts.
  4. Purchase with a credit/debit card that has rewards points.
  5. Enjoy the trip!

Booking trips online in this manner helps you accumulate points quickly. We tend to cash in our points for giftcards which we use to buy Christmas gifts. As you can see above I tend to get points in three places for each part of the trip. Granted it isn't a monetary discount but the return on a trip you would be taking anyway is a bonus. Make sure to do some food coupon hunting while you are searching for other deals. Many times you can find BOGO deals at restaurants. Happy traveling!


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