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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sun Burn

Every year the first time I am out in the sun for an extended amount of time I burn. Yesterday was no exception. I went with my mom and dad to Dog Alley in Minnesota to try to sell some Yorkie pups. I forgot my sunscreen not that it ever helps much. I love the sun but I don't love being out in the sun for long. I have rather fair skin and it burns quite fast. Here are a couple pictures of my arms. I wouldn't dare show you my face which means I may hide in the house for a couple days. I had on my big sunglasses and now look like a racoon which gives my dad a huge laugh.

Most people I know use Aloe Vera on their sunburn but I would like to share my tip with you instead. I use Vitamin E oil. It is sold in the pharmacy area near the vitamin E but it is in oil form not capsules. It has a consistency of baby oil and has a great soothing effect. Vitamin E is a natural skin healer. A little oil goes a long way and this tends to be a cheap treatment.


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